How to enable sending the user location to AppMetrica

When you disable sending the user location, it also turns off all other methods to locate the device (including locating by IP address) in the AppMetrica SDK. Users who have the option to send location data disabled are grouped together in the geographic report with the “Undefined” value as the region name.

After data sending is disabled, the application can continue to collect location data but will not send it to AppMetrica. To display user location data, you should enable sending in the AppMetrica SDK. This will allow you to see audience segments by region in the reports.

The option to send location data is enabled by default. To control data sending, use the following methods:

The setLocationTracking(boolean enabled) method to allow the AppMetrica library to send device location data.
Note. AppMetrica does not initiate a location update. It collects location data in the passive mode. This prevents increased power consumption on the device.