Tracking DoubleClick campaigns

AppMetrica detects DoubleClick advertising campaigns by using DoubleClick Floodlight.

Note. This article is intended for users who are familiar with the DoubleClick ad network and its settings.

This section explains the steps for setting up AppMetrica tracking to work with DoubleClick ad campaigns.

Step 1. Create a tracker

Create a tracker in the AppMetrica interface.

Pay special attention to the following settings:

  1. Go to the Campaign details section and choose DoubleClick as a media source.
  2. In the DoubleClick section that opens, fill in the following fields:
    • src — The Advertiser ID. If you use DoubleClick Bid Manager, take the src value from the Floodlight tag settings. The value can be found in the Pixel setup screen.
    • type — The value that identifies the activity group, with which the Floodlight activity is associated.
    • token — The advertiser-specific string. It is transferred with each reqest to the DoubleClick Bid Manager server.
    • cat — The tag used by Floodlight servers.

Step 2. Save the tracker

Save the customized tracker. The tracker is available in the Trackers section.