About the service

AppMetrica is a free real-time ad tracking and mobile app analytics solution. It offers reports covering traffic sources, mobile app KPIs for audience statistics and use cases, and crash analytics, all in a single SDK for every popular platform.

AppMetrica mobile app:

Getting started

Step-by-step guide to getting started with AppMetrica, term definitions, and information on the service's usage limits

SDK Developer docs

Technical documentation for developers: guides to integrating the AppMetrica SDK and Push SDK

Setting up data collection

Guide on how to set up data tracking for comprehensive app analytics, including deeplinks, crashes, in-app subscriptions, in-app purchases, e-commerce events, and other valuable data.

Security and policy compliance

Security standards supported by AppMetrica

Working with reports

Creating workspaces and configuring widgets and reports

Working with the API

Guide to working with the various APIs: Management API, Reporting API, Logs API, Data Stream API, Post API, and Push API


How tracking works. Creating and configuring a tracker

Push campaigns

Guide to launching a push campaign


A/B experiments in Varioqub β

Support and troubleshooting

FAQ and the support form