User profile

A user profile describes an individual application user as a set of attributes, such as name, gender, age, and so on. AppMetrica lets you collect this information and analyze it in profile reports, or use profile attributes to segment other reports.

Attention. Unlike event attributes, a profile attribute can take only one value. When you send a new attribute value, the old value is overwritten.
There are two types of attributes in AppMetrica:
Custom attributes

The attributes that define the characteristics of the user, such as gender, age, type of subscription, number of levels completed, and so on. To collect this data, you need to configure sending attributes in the AppMetrica SDK. For more information, see:

System attributes
The attributes that the AppMetrica SDK detects automatically: information about the device, application, location, and so on.

System and user attributes are displayed in the profile card and available for grouping data in profile reports.