When making in-app purchases, users perform various actions (ECommerce events). For example:

  • Opening a page.
  • Viewing a product profile and page.
  • Adding and removing an item to/from the cart.
  • Starting and completing a purchase.

AppMetrica lets you collect information about these actions and track statistics in the web interface, in the Purchase analysis report.

To collect statistics on E-commerce events, configure sending events in the app. For more information, see Sending ECommerce events (Android | iOS).

  1. Configuring dimensions and metrics
  2. Debugging ECommerce event sending

Configuring dimensions and metrics

You can customize the “Purchase analysis” report using dimensions and metrics. For more information about available dimensions and metrics, see “Purchase analysis” report.

For instance, you can estimate:
  • The number of product profile and page views.
  • The number of additions to the cart.
  • The number of purchases.
  • The amount of revenue, refunds, and discounted sales.
  • Geography of purchases using a dimension with data grouped by city.

Debugging ECommerce event sending

AppMetrica doesn't let you segment E-commerce events into “test” and “not test”. If you use the main API key for debugging purchases, the test events are included in general statistics. If you need to debug sending E-commerce events, use a reporter to send statistics to an additional API key. For more information, seeSending E-commerce events (Android | iOS) .